Best HOA Software Programs for Streamlining Payments

Best HOA Software Programs for Streamlining Payments

HOA software programs, like Enumerate Central offers several features that ease the payments process for homeowners, board members, and vendors. 

The best HOA software program is simple, powerful, and created by experts with decades of experience handling HOA needs and issues. Luckily, you can find this perfect solution with Enumerate Central, a software that offers a variety of features that make all aspects of managing an HOA easier. Streamlining payments is just one of the many advantages that Enumerate Central brings to the table. 

This article will break down how our software’s features make the payment process easier across the board for everyone, including homeowners, board members, and vendors alike. If you’re looking to learn about our features or simply to improve your HOA’s processes, this article is for you!

Homeowner Portals

Advanced portals give residents the tools to engage in self-service. 67% of residents prefer to handle things independently or get help online rather than call in and talk to someone. With homeowner portals, residents can see their HOA balance, make payments, and see their posted payments within 1-2 days. Residents love portals, and board members do as well. Board members have a dashboard to view bank balances and recent payables and keep track of all of their financials, making accounting so easy. Homeowner portals make the payment process easier for both residents and board members. 

Community Websites

Your community website is the face of your community, and it’s the way that your residents interact with you most of the time. Most people prefer to do their business online these days, especially when paying their HOA dues. With a community website, your homeowners can take care of all of their business online, including making their payments and filling out any necessary forms right on your website. Board members can even access restricted information through the website, making it easy to share information. Any changes to fees or charges can be communicated through the website to ensure that everyone sees them. 

Enhanced Communications

When it comes to financials and payments, it goes without saying that communication is critical to ensuring that everything runs smoothly. Our enhanced communications features help ensure that communications between you and your residents are always effective. For example, email messages with tracking can tell you when your emails are delivered, if they bounced, and the open rates for your emails. We also have text messaging features to notify owners about past due balances or upcoming events in the community. Finally, you can voice broadcast time-sensitive messages via phone call to ensure homeowners get them as soon as possible. TOPS communication features have real results; we have found that our software is powerful enough to reduce phone calls to the office by 50%

Financial Services

We offer various financial services from full-service accounting to financial consulting and everything in between. We can handle your collections by sending late letters, pay or lien letters, or referring files to a collection attorney. Our financial consultants can assist with handling your cash flow while we also manage your accounting. We can help with every aspect of your finances, so you can focus on managing your community. Our experts have over 30 years of experience managing HOA finances, so you can rest assured that our partnership with you will bring success. 

Payment Services

On top of all of our other services that offer benefits towards your payment processes, we have payment features that optimize your payment processes further. Enumerate Central includes our native TOPS Pay at no extra charge. This allows owners to pay online on demand. Homeowners can submit one-time and recurring credit card payments or set up completely free recurring ACH direct debit payments. They can even pay with e-checks as well. 

Users can view your TOPS Pay dashboard, which allows you to analyze month-over-month payment trends, online payment adoption by your owners and reduce the flow of manual checks needing to be processed. 

Vendor Services

Our services not only make the payment process easier for residents and board members but also for vendors. We have created VendorAlly, which helps your business gain visibility of the Accounts Payable lifecycle so you can quickly and easily manage vendor profiles in real-time. Vendors can submit invoices online in just a few easy clicks, making the relationship between you and your vendors simple and easy. 

Try Out Enumerate Central Today!

If you want to see how Enumerate Central works for yourself, you’re in luck! We have a demo on our website that shows you in detail how our software and all of its features work in action. We have been in the HOA business for over 30 years, so you can trust you’re in good hands when you invest in Enumerate Central. Check out our other blogs to learn more not only about our software but also about best practices for HOAs and property managers. 

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