What is Your Brand Saying?

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If you think your brand might be badmouthing your company, it’s time to give your brand a boost.

When you think of the word “brand,” you may think of a name, logo, or slogan. These are all elements of a brand, but a brand is more than that. A brand is how a company presents itself to the world. A company’s brand is a multi-faceted expression that gives the public an instant perception – or recognition – of that company.

For example, YOU are more than your name, job and appearance. Certainly, that’s a large part of how you are identified, but there’s more. There’s your tone of voice, your interactions with others, your values, etc. The list is endless, and all of these elements make up the YOU that people perceive. These elements make up your personal brand.

Your management company’s brand is no different.

It may be challenging at first, but let’s personify your management company for a few moments. If the embodiment of your company was sitting across the conference table from a prospective Association Board, what do you think that Association would think of it? What is your brand saying about itself to this potential client? Is it saying anything at all? Or worse, is your brand saying negative things about itself? Is it saying that it didn’t care enough to look polished? Is it saying that it doesn’t care about innovation and improvement? Is it telling clients that it doesn’t want to communicate with them? Simply put- is it working against you?

If you think your brand might be badmouthing your company, it’s time to give your brand a boost. What do you want Associations to think about your company? Your brand can help shape those perceptions. Here are a few examples to get the ball rolling:

What do you want your brand to say about your business?

  • This company is professional and conducts business with integrity.
  • This company cares about the Associations it manages.
  • This company is always improving so that it can offer the best service.
  • This company values open communication.

I recommend sitting down and really thinking about the very essence of your company. What drives it? Now the question is: How can you get Associations to think about your management company in this light?

Nabr Network can help. We can develop a branded app with your company name or a unique name of your choice. A branded app can help show potential Association clients that your company values communication and innovation. You can promote your app – and your brand – in marketing brochures and presentations. Plus, we can help by creating a marketing webpage explaining the details of your app’s technology. Going forward, your Community Managers can push out helpful, informative content via this branded app. That’s a powerful way to promote positive perceptions of your company on an ongoing basis.

To be blunt, having a branded app shows Associations that you’re a serious contender in the community management industry.

Now, let’s check in on that personified brand again. Picture it sitting across from a potential Association Board, but this time it has confidence. Your brand boldly demonstrates its professionalism, its commitment to excellent communication, its belief in constant improvement.

This time your brand is working for you.

Nabr Network can make this a reality for your management company. Contact us today to learn more.