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CMGT Saves 250 Hours / Month, Other Efficiencies Using Enumerate Central

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“We have been with Enumerate Central for over 10 years. Their willingness to continue to look for ways to improve their software, while also offering strong partnerships with key vendors, has been a critical factor in our decision to remain with them.”

Jeffrey P. Harman, Community Management, LLC

CMGT Saves 250 Hours per Month in Community Visits

The most significant benefit from Enumerate Central is time efficiency, Jeff said. Before using the cloud-based platform, site visits meant going to each community, taking pictures of the violations or work orders, then coming back to the office, and entering the information into the desktop.

“Now, when we go out and do our site visits, our team members have their smart devices, and they’re taking pictures and creating work orders for CC&Rs out in the field. Back in the office, our managers can have that information in real-time and begin processing work orders.” A site visit that used to take two hours now takes 45 minutes, he said. Multiply that by 200+ communities, and CMGT has seen a 62.5% time savings in that area alone.

Top-Notch Accounting Function Remains Strong

“The real foundation of Enumerate Central is the accounting software,” Jeff said. Accounting in Enumerate Central was always fantastic, and many of the automated functions, such as auto reconciliation and the collections process, were always second to none, he said. Still, the overall collection process is smoother and more automated, allowing CMGT to do more outreach to collect on past due assessments.

Communication Time Shrinks From Days to Hours

The team can generate report packages for the communities and communicate to communities or individuals at any moment, Jeff said. “We can email that first infraction notice instead of waiting for it to go out in the mail where it takes four to five days to get there,” he said. Residents can be upset when they receive an infraction notice about an issue they’ve resolved in the time it takes to get the notification via snail mail. Faster notification eliminates that possible miscommunication.

Speedy notification is also helpful when it comes to work orders, Jeff said. CMGT can email a resident right away, letting them know the problem is being worked on, versus a resident not receiving a notification for several days.

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CMGT Saves 250 Hours / Month, Other Efficiencies Using Enumerate Central


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