Homeowners Affected by Hurricanes Share Information and Support with Nabr Network Platform

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Residents in Texas and Florida used Nabr Network’s association communication platform to share vital information and help others in their community during Hurricanes Harvey and Irma and their aftermath

These are real posts made by residents of homeowners’ associations in Houston, Texas to their association communication application as the devastation of Hurricane Harvey swept through their communities. As flooding and power outages struck their neighborhoods, many homeowners took to the Nabr Network mobile application to find and share important information.

Similar posts would be seen by residents affected by Hurricane Irma in Florida.

Nabr Network is a comprehensive mobile communication platform and web presence– specifically developed for community associations.

Community Association Managers relied on the application to deliver important safety information to homeowners. They used Nabr Network’s push technology to send out notifications of postponed HOA meetings, canceled city services, reservoir status and evacuation protocols. Homeowners received this information across multiple channels – email, text message and mobile app notifications – providing maximum communication reach.

One Houston community doubled their previous week’s post count in one day. Overall, the event increased notification delivery from Nabr Network’s system by 70% with millions of notifications sent out.

“The Nabr Network team has close ties to the affected areas.” commented Nabr Network president and CEO Jeff Miles. “We watched the situation unfold with each post made to our platform.”

“You always want to do what you can to help others during times of crisis. It was rewarding to see our technology used to its full capacity to help our family, friends and clients in the Houston area during the storm.”

Nabr Network employees monitored the posts to provide any owners in unsafe situations with the contact numbers they needed for rescue and evacuation.

“We were deeply saddened to watch photos of the destruction come across our platform, but we were also inspired by the way homeowners rallied together to make it through the storm,” said vice president of business development James Garner. “It was moving to see residents from all walks of life sharing and helping their neighbors in a time of need.”

Providing an avenue for residents to help each other was not enough. Miles and Garner wanted to do more to help. Nabr Network held a company-wide cleaning supply drive to provide needed materials to the Houston residents who are returning to their homes.

“I’m proud that our software was a source of connection and support during the flooding, but I’m truly proud of our team. From providing emergency relief numbers on our platform to donating to our cleaning supply drive, every team member played some part in the relief efforts,” Miles said.

“They really demonstrated the dedication to service that is the cornerstone of how we do business.”

Some words from our clients:

“Nabr Network has been very useful in keeping the community informed about what is happening. We used it to get the word out about the hurricane warning notice, and using it to make sure that current information is getting out.”

Hugh Lochrane,
Rainbow Springs POA, Florida

“I wish all my communities were using Nabr Network and communicating through Harvey is a perfect example why.  I was flooded in for 5 days not able to get out yet I had board members communicating with me from their flooded community and I was able to send out informative and very timely notices to the community (of course to those that had internet or phone service). Using the Association News Post makes it so easy. You just type in or copy and paste your message and appropriate title, preview it and then send it.

I have received so many thank you’s from residents in this flooded out community for keeping them informed and up to date through the website posts. 

Because of the ease of pushing out these posts and all the other features, I have a very large master-planned community ready to sign up for a Nabr Network website and I am very happy about that.”

Christi Keller,
Creative Management Company, Texas