3 Ways Community Association Software Sparks Engagement

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Engaging your members to stay part of the community while attracting new members is top of mind for community association managers and property management companies alike. Each community will find unique ways to spark resident engagement, however, community association software is a no-brainer for all. 

Increasing resident engagement within your community can be done through events or by providing value to your members and prospects. You can use your community association software for community engagement efforts. Here’s how:

Ways to Use Community Association Software to Spark Engagement 

Provide an online member portal:

Give your members better ways to connect to you, the association, and each other via an online member portal. Depending on the type of portal, you can provide members a way to connect via forums or the ability to browse member profiles to get a better sense of who lives in the community and what their interests are. Your member portal can also be a place to house your CC&Rs, community news, or pay dues or other fees.

Keep in touch:

Everyone has a mobile device near them these days. Make sure your members know what is happening in the community through your community association software. That could include sending email updates or scheduling posts to social media. If your community association software offers a learning management system (LMS), you could also provide learning opportunities. Digital classes could include how to keep your property within the CC&Rs, ways to repair things, and more.

Improve member communication strategies:

Most people have a mobile device near them, and most everyone has communication preferences. Some people prefer email, while others prefer text messages. Allow members to choose their communication preferences in the member portal. In addition, you can look at your member data to see how and when members are interacting with your communications. In-person events can be one of the big draws for someone to join an HOA. Events can reinforce the community nature of your association and offer networking and learning opportunities that residents wouldn’t find elsewhere.   

As your association grows, you’ll want to ensure your members remain engaged and receive the one-on-one attention that keeps them happy. You’ll also want to ensure prospective residents can learn more about how your association can engage them. Community engagement software helps you do just that, and certifying your community engagement software can be accessed via mobile can keep your members connected wherever they are. 

Choosing the right community engagement software can help keep members engaged by automating tasks, improving communications, and analyzing your engagement activities.

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