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Built to manage the unique needs of HOAs and community associations

Whether you’re managing a single community or hundreds, Enumerate’s suite of software and services is designed to automate and scale your most important tasks so you can focus on what matters most.

Enumerate Central

Enumerate Engage

Enumerate Financial Services

Accounting & Payments

Our easy-to-use solution makes community management painless and efficient.

Operations Management

Dashboard view of all board member and homeowner communications, with a simple, self-serve online payment tool.

Reporting & Analytics

Streamline operations, view historical trends, and track performance, all in one place.

Resident Engagement & Communications

Provide residents and boards with seamless communication that make it easy to share info.

Financial Services

Our team of highly trained staff of auditors, accountants and bookkeepers are here to step in and manage your financials.

TOPS[ONE] is a game changer!

It's easy to use and learn. Homeowners can log into their accounts, reducing call time at the office. Managers can work from anywhere. Customer support is some of the best I have ever experienced. The transition from Pro...
By Beth S | 03/22/2018

The program is very easy to use.

The Support Team responds quickly and is very helpful , at times even going above and beyond.
By Verified User in Non-Profit Organization Management | 08/27/2018

Love TOPS[ONE] for Property Management

I really like that all the communities can be accessed through one login. I also love the template library and how easy it is to customize templates to be used throughout all communities.
By Michelle Fahey | 08/28/2018

Software has improved alot since it first launched.

Cloud based & availalble on the go is the best!
By Manny Torres | 08/28/2018


Easy to use, we provide client services and we are able to assist our clients from ANYWHERE!!!
By Verified User in Accounting | 08/29/2018

Good To Use For New Users

Tops One makes it easier for me to create and keep track of violations.
By Verified User in Management Consulting | 08/29/2018

Amazing tool for data management!

I love how easy it is to use! It is straightforward and does exactly what we need it to.
By Isabella Polidoro | 11/19/2018

Tops One is awesome

I like that when I open the program I can see all of my communities
By kimberly mills | 12/06/2018

TOPS Software is the only software to use

ease of access.and consistence with the software as they change platforms
By Verified User in Accounting | 12/06/2018

Simply the best in association management software!

I love that it is cloud based and very user friendly.
By Kathy Bollo | 12/18/2018

Tops is Amazing

Tops is very user friendly and easy to use. The first tops product we used was Tops Pro then we switched to Tops One once it was available. Even though there have been some issues with Tops One (nothing to major) the support...
By Kayla Arevalo | 03/04/2019

Management at your fingertips!

Shared place to record communication with residents so office staff can easily see what another employee discussed with a resident. Ease of posting maintenance fees and tracking delinquencies. Great resource for recording...
By Tiffany D. Jackson, LCAM, CMCA, AMS | 03/04/2019

Sold on TOPS One!

The best feature I found with upgrading to TOPS One is the ease of entering bills into Accounts Payable. Searching for vendors is a snap and the default distribution function is a definite time saver!
By Linda Johnson | 03/04/2019

Tops One Software Review

I like that Tops is so user friendly. I came in to my current company with experience in a very different software and it took me no time to learn how to operate the site efficiently.
By Verified User in Non-Profit Organization Management | 03/05/2019

Tops One

1) Unit Owner access to view history, make payments, and see attached documents. 2) Board login Access to view information 3) Ability to make corrections
By Verified User in Management Consulting | 03/05/2019

TOPS Software is the only software to use

I enjoy that I can access tops one from any location or device it makes searching for records and information so easy.
By Verified User in Accounting | 03/06/2019

My experience with Tops One

Tops one is a truly excellent association accounting software. As a CPA, it is very important that the software I use is going to generate accurate and correct accounting reports. This program does just that. It is also...
By Teresita C. Miglio | 03/07/2019

Tops Review

Hard to say right now, half my office is frustrated
By Verified User in Management Consulting | 03/07/2019

Tops is the BEST softweare

User friendly, easy to teach, reliable, excellent support
By Ani Glaser | 04/08/2019

Great Company and Good Customer Service

The online help center is the best when you are looking for a quick answer to an issue. It is easy to read and understand how to work in the software and there are so many topics that relate to each other. It is really...
By Regina Johnson-Benjmain | 03/09/2020

TOPS is very easy to use, very minimal confusion. super user friendly!

When a ticket is put in its usually answered within the Hour. I've never had a complaint about their customer service. all customer service reps are extremely nice!
By Mariana Carrasco | 03/12/2020

Work from anywhere with ease

Our company is able to automated a lot of things which helps us focus on our clients more. It took some time to really learn the new program however LINDSAY ZEILSTRA has been an awesome help and source of information. ...
By Erin Valles | 06/17/2020

The implementation team is awesome

This program has been very user friendly. I have had very little trouble finding the answers to our questions on their help pages or with the help of a TOPSONE team memeber. Being web based has been extremely useful with...
By Verified User in Real Estate | 06/22/2020

The support team at TOPS is amazing!

The product support team at TOPS is amazing! This is a new software for our company and I have found that during the transition Tara and Valerie have been super helpful. If for some reason they don't know an answer to a question...
By Katie Wilson | 07/01/2020

Tops [One] is unlocking the potential of our entire team.

It's hard to pick one favorite feature. One of the most helpful features of Tops One is the global accessibility to information within the system. Using the Global Search field anything can be easily located. Also, the ability...
By Mike Miller | 07/15/2020

HOA Management software review

Cost is affordable at only $0.50 per door.
By Verified User in Accounting | 08/10/2020

Exactly what a property manager & management company needs

That I can access all I need anywhere, in the office, out of the office, etc.
By sharon meyer | 08/25/2020

Great experience with TOPS Upgrade

We recently upgrade to TOPS One from the remote login TOPS and I have found the upgrade to be very user friendly and I am now able to do more on my phone than I ever thought possible, which has been very helpful these last...
By Verified User in Real Estate | 08/25/2020

Growing software with potential

I like the current relativity of the software. I think that they have potential to be at the top.
By Kimberly McShea | 09/02/2020

Makes my work flow easier

Being able to pull up past records with ease
By Verified User in Management Consulting | 10/21/2020

Tops One

The team at Tops listens to our needs and treats us like a partner. The software is saving us time and only getting better.
By Scott Headrick | 12/15/2020

Love the continual updates and enhancements.

I love that Tops One is continually evolving and enhancing the platform to meet the needs of an ever changing and demanding industry.
By Kim Morton | 12/15/2020

Good accounting program for condominiums.

Able to edit previous transactions. We were able to discontinue an expensive off-site server when changing to Tops One.
By Art Fowler | 12/15/2020

We used to use Tops Pro and the switch was definitely something we needed.

the responsiveness of your associates and their helpfulness.
By Verified User in Accounting | 12/15/2020

Tops one has been a absolute life saver for our business.

Ease of application. It is so user-friendly that it makes our work and training so much better than ever before.
By Rick Abbott | 12/15/2020


Very easy to navigate from different windows.
By Verified User in Consumer Services | 12/16/2020

Staff Accountant

Very Helpful to prepare Finacial Statements. Payments and Management.
By joginder singh | 12/19/2020

TOPs One

The software continues to improve with each upgrade and addition
By Verified User in Management Consulting | 12/21/2020

Favorite Software

Convenience of accessing everything I need
By Brittany Gray | 12/21/2020

TOPS support team is wonderful! TOPS software is easy to use

TOPS One's clean non fussy website. Functions are logically laid out which creates efficiency. We converted from TOPs pro to TOPSONE and we have been able to stream line our daily accounting transactions and love that we...
By barbara jones | 12/21/2020

Accounting Manager

The simplistic design and the service is the most important
By Verified User in Accounting | 12/21/2020

TOPS[ONE] MAKES MY WORK LIFE EASIER, the people are amazing

Accessibility, navigation, communication between owners with owner access..the staff behind TOPS.
By Verified User in Real Estate | 12/21/2020

Great Platform

Easy to use, move through profiles efficiently. They are always willing to listen and improve and they are regularly doing updates and upgrades.
By Ken Metzger | 12/21/2020

TOPS has been there for me my entire Community Management Career

I find the tutorials and frequent webinars to be very helpful. If you find yourself stuck on a task you can always refer back.
By Denise Becker, CMCA, AMS, PCAM | 12/21/2020

The Best Association Management Software!

User friendly with great training. Can drill down to track very detailed information.
By Thomas Simpson | 12/21/2020

Wonderful customer service!

The customer service has been great. I like being able to use the Youtube videos as well.
By Wendy Green | 12/21/2020

Great Solution for HOA Managers

Tops One effectively replaced two separate databases which we have been using for years into one simple, fast platform that is much easier to use and access.
By Richard Cardosi | 12/22/2020

New Property Management Company - First Management Software Experience

The combination of all property management features allows for ease in working in an Association. Additionally, TOPS is continually improving the product with helpful items, again making our work easier.
By Loree Vanderhye | 12/22/2020

HOA Management All in One

Easy setup, easy processing and the support pages and videos are useful. Universal Property Management Platform
By Verified User in Accounting | 12/28/2020

Support is wonderful, patient, and extremely helpful.

It most helpful to me when I can share the screen with support to be able to watch and learn.
By Jamie Maust | 01/18/2021

Excellent customer service

Prompt, professional service and expeditious resolution of any technical issues.
By Sheldon Wheeler | 02/24/2021

Pretty good all around management software package

The user interface is pretty easy to navigate
By Jeremy Shifflett | 03/02/2021

Tops One provides a great product, I have used throughout the years, has become very user friendly.

again, the ability to move around the program.
By Kevin Young | 03/02/2021

Tops One Review

convenience of be able to check accounts from any computer or smart phone / tablet
By Verified User in Management Consulting | 03/04/2021

Game Changer

I love the reports available and how they can be customized as well as downloaded to extract the data that is needed. I also love the way TOPS Pay works and the convenience that it offers my homeowners as well as myself...
By Judy Bordman | 03/25/2021

Resort Manager new experience with TOPs

Initial benefit is having capabilities that support the entire operation vs only accounting. Allows more than one user access to different sections. Board Members and Committee members can be given specific rights to view...
By Verified User in Non-Profit Organization Management | 03/25/2021

The implementation process was amazingly easy!!!

Going to a program that can be used anywhere, the support has been fantastic.
By Lori Yarborough | 03/25/2021

Well thought out product

Tops One allows me to perform my management duties more efficiently .
By Verified User in Real Estate | 06/18/2021

Very user friendly cloud base software

Intergration between different platforms
By Verified User in Accounting | 06/22/2021

What a Difference!

The ability to have a central place for community information and access for Owners and Board members.
By Chris Hassell | 01/31/2022

Game Changer

The TOPS support and staff actually take ideas from our company and implement them into the TOPS software. It has become our one-stop-shop for all of our work! I have been able to streamline almost all work items. The advanced...
By John Candelora | 02/01/2022

Awesome Support & Ease of Product

Using TOPS one is so easy, and whenever I have a problem, the support team is always there to help.
By Iris Hobbs | 02/17/2022

SWO Review

The integration of data between sections
By Tony Violante | 02/17/2022

I love TOPS[ONE] it is very easy and simple to use.

I like that I can quickly delete "Posts" made in error. The "Action" feature is everything. Also, I love that I can download a document and can share the document with everyone in the community.
By Roxana Pierre-Louis | 03/01/2022

Condo Portal

It's easy, helpful. I mostly use it for accounting purposes
By Isaura Parra | 03/11/2022

It is very efficient and great support

The program is very detailed & the support is great
By Linda Rickles | 03/11/2022

Great customer service, amazing training, that allows management companies to be successful

The training and the customer service. Staff is Very helpful
By Donna Childrey | 03/11/2022

Easy To Use Great Software

Owner Access and communication is easy to access and utilize. Financial Reports are detailed a specific, easy to read for everyone.
By Melissa Seppi | 03/11/2022

Easy to access information.

Quickly find the information you are looking for and it's easy to edit and upload HOA owner information and governing docs, etc.
By Verified User in Consumer Services | 03/11/2022


Financial reports: These can be customized and the ease of downloading multiple reports in one package.
By Rae Depoo | 03/15/2022

Review 4/14/22

It is easily used by ALL users even if theyve never utilized the program prior.
By Verified User in Management Consulting | 04/14/2022

Ease of use and excellent reports

Reports are outstanding. The Boards like to have financial statements by the first week of each month and with TOPS ONE that is not a problem.
By Jeffrey Hawkes | 04/14/2022

Everything is very easy to use.

It was easy to pick up and the training was informative
By Rebecca Deegan | 04/14/2022

Awesome Software!

Cash Receipts and Entering Bills are so much easier now with batches.
By Morgan Isphording | 04/14/2022

Top quality software

Very friendly to use. Easy to find what you need.
By Verified User in Non-Profit Organization Management | 04/14/2022

Having used Tops for the last 18 years I have nothing but good things to say.

The accessibility the owners have to view their info. and the ability for management companies to process reports across the board.
By Verified User in Non-Profit Organization Management | 04/14/2022

Pretty Good software

How user-friendly it is. Also the way the homeowners can use it as well
By Torri Pehrson | 04/14/2022

Weekly user

The navigation is easy to follow and the software is very reliable.
By Donna Brown | 04/14/2022

Good Support

Quick response tie for support attachments, less paper trail
By Verified User in Accounting | 04/15/2022

User Friendly System

I'm familiar with different Hotel Property Management Systems. Using TOPS(ONE) as a building management and community association system platform helped me a lot in all aspects of our operations. The customization of fields...
By Jong Artacho | 04/18/2022

Esential to property management!

Navigation. You can always track back to the last screen you were on as well as where you have been. The blue line aka my bread crumb trail is key when training board members on the system. They always get lost and this seems...
By Verified User in Accounting | 07/26/2022

User Friendly

TOPS ONE is user-friendly; I love it compared to Pro. Our team with One is very informative, helps in any way and is there for any questions we have.
By Paula Hagstrom | 10/26/2022

Manage everything.

Enumerate is community accounting management, communications, engagement, and reporting together. Free up valuable time and spend more of it connecting with your community.

End-to-end community management

Cost-saving automations

Easy-to-use technology

Clear communication tools

Man using tablet with community info pop-up button

Helping property management teams breathe easy.

From empowering your resident-facing staff to being a part of your back office, Enumerate helps community management with end-to-end solutions.

Trusted by Leading Property Management Groups

—Michelle F

“Being able to manage all our communities with just one login has been a game-changer.”

Person typing on laptop with autopay pop-up bubble

Help Managers Build Communities

Get peace of mind knowing you can easily engage with your residents, keep compliant, and manage the day-to-day without burning out from administrative burden.

Loved by Self-Managed Associations

Streamline & Elevate Your Management

Get friendly, personal accounting and bookkeeping services

Whether you’re a property management company with multiple communities or a single, self-managed community.

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