3 Ways Enumerate Improves Community Communication & How It Can Help Your Community

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Poor communication can damage your community’s overall morale.

Is your staff overloaded with phone calls, inadvertently letting things fall through the cracks, and not getting back to residents about their requests?

Enumerate can help improve community communication and get your team working at their highest productivity levels. Continue reading to learn three ways our property management software can benefit your community communication.

How Enumerate Can Improve Community Communication

Technology is constantly advancing how we interact with one another.

While email and text messaging aren’t new, your community may be mismanaging these communication forms or not using them to their full capabilities. Enumerate offers a way to manage resident interactions and requests, setting your team up for success.

Your homeowners are like your customers, so meeting their needs and keeping them happy is probably a top priority. Part of their satisfaction directly relates to effective communication, so don’t you want your team to be the best communicators that they can be?

Here are three ways Enumerate Central improves communications with your community members:

1. Instant Contact

Enumerate has several options to send messages to all homeowners within a community or a select segment of residents.

You can schedule them out ahead of time or initiate them on demand when you need to get a message out fast. In an emergency, texting is an excellent way to make sure your important messages are delivered in real-time. Text messages are known to have a notably high open rate of about 98%.

A near comparable alternative for sharing time-sensitive information with owners is voice broadcast messaging. Record a short voice message, and Enumerate will distribute it to the phone numbers in your selected list(s). The reporting features will show message delivery and owner engagement, providing added insight for your staff.

Another form of enhanced communication included in TOPS is tracked emails. You’ll be able to see which emails were delivered, bounced, opened, and other critical data points about whether your messages were received.

2. Communication Management

When running a community with tens or hundreds of owners, it’s easy for requests to fall through the cracks.

Enumerate eliminates handwritten notes that tend to get lost.

Using the embedded Service Request feature in our Advanced Portals, users can track correspondences and manage interactions with community members more effectively. At the end of the week, you’ll be able to confirm that every request has received a follow-up response.

3. Information & Engagement Hub

Enumerate Central includes a personalized community website that easily integrates with other features like the Owner Portal.

It’s not only a place to share news like the community’s bulletin board but also a place to collect valuable feedback from residents, display a membership directory, and more.

You can even create a forum on your website where homeowners can interact and help each other. Using the message boards, board members and residents can share classifieds, current events, lost and found notices, and other information. If your office is closed to the public at this time, like many HOAs across the U.S., sharing information online and giving residents a place to interact is essential.

Tips for Better Community Communication

It can be challenging to build and maintain rapport with homeowners without face-to-face interactions.

Use these communication tips to ensure that the exchanges your team has with residents are authentic and empathetic during a time when most people are stressed and overwhelmed.

1. Be transparent and sensitive to the current state of the world and how it is affecting people differently.
2. Incorporate visuals like charts, graphs, and pictures to improve comprehension.
3. Keep your messages short and to the point.
4. Apply templates and use key messaging to make it easier on your staff and ensure consistency.
5. Use a tool like Enumerate Central to manage and streamline all of your communications and efforts.

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