5 Property Management Software Tips for 2022

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Ensure that your property management software is intuitive, effective, and trusted so it can support your HOA in the long term.

To run your HOA in the most efficient and streamlined way possible, you need the best tools of the trade at your disposal. Property management automation software is one of the best assets you can harness to manage all aspects of property, from finances to maintenance. There are all kinds of software options, but you should look for ones that offer these general features: 

  • An online database that features all of your community’s members
  • A payment portal with multiple ways to accept payments
  • A newsfeed to easily communicate information to your residents
  • A communication tool that boards, homeowners, managers, and residents can use

This article will discuss property management organization tips to help you find the top property management software for your community in 2022. 

Ensure A User-Friendly Experience

Your transition to property management software shouldn’t be an immense burden on anyone in your community. Ensure that the software you select is understandable and straightforward, so you don’t face any resistance from your board members or homeowners. If the system is difficult to use, you may face more administrative challenges down the line as you have to assist members and homeowners with using the software. Intuitive software is undoubtedly the way to go. Easy to use software gives your users a sense of independence and makes them comfortable. 

Consider Setup Process and Fees

Another aspect of the transition process to keep in mind is the setup process itself. If the process takes a lot of time, human resources, and money, it may not be worth the transition at all. Be sure to look into the setup or installation fees for the software solution you select. It is also wise to ask about the timeline to install. You don’t want to hinder all of your community’s operations for a significant amount of time while you try and get a new system installed, so be sure to consider how long your new software will take to implement. The best software may take minimal interruption to your operations. 

Maximize Communication Features

Communication among everyone in a community is critical. Any software you select should prioritize communication features. Features such as community websites, resident portals, the ability to generate texts, emails, and phone calls, or even features that assist in communicating between board members all streamline HOA operations and make you more productive. Property management software is one of the best ways to optimize communication among your team, so be sure to prioritize those features when searching for your solution. 

Integrate Your Finances

HOA software solutions can help you with many or all of your accounting needs. If you are looking to simplify your HOA’s accounting process, you should certainly seek out software created by knowledgeable experts that can help you do so. You can find full-service accounting support and even financial consulting if you have the right property management software. The important thing is ensuring that trusted professionals are behind the wheel of the software who can help you keep your accounting and finances in check. When you have high-quality, expert software, you have a lower administrative burden and can focus on big picture tasks. 

Check References and Credentials

Of course, you want to ensure that any property management software you select is reputable. There are so many options available that it can be challenging to select the right one for you. Luckily, there are many resources to help you find the right option for your needs. You can read reviews online of any property management software you are interested in and check the credentials on their website. Be sure to thoroughly vet any software you select because you will enter a lot of resident data and financial information into your property management software. 

Select the Best of the Best Property Management Software

There is a software option that meets all of the requirements listed in this article and more. Enumerate Central helps your HOA simplify, prioritize, and automate the process of handling your community’s needs with our proven property management experience. Our solution is intuitive, dynamic, and designed specifically for HOAs by experts who have been in the field for over 30 years. Learn more about our software on our website or check our blog for more tips on HOA management. 

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