Building Morale in Your HOA Boards

Group of people, smiling for the photo
Serving on an HOA Board can be a thankless job; however, your Board Members are vital to the operations of the communities you manage.

It’s important to keep morale high so that these valuable volunteers don’t become burned out and possibly resign. Here are a few ways to boost morale in the Boards you work with.

Team building exercises. The members of your Board may have served together for years but may not know each other on a social level. Plan something to help bring these individuals together as a team. There are loads of great team-building exercises to be found online. Pick something fun and kick off the meeting with a short activity. It will help unite the members of the Board and start the meeting with a smile.

Celebrate achievements. Did the Board help the community meet a goal? Celebrate it! Pat the Board on the back with a small celebration at the next meeting. It can be as simple as bringing in cookies or cupcakes for the group, but it will definitely help them feel as if their hard work has been recognized.

Encourage idea sharing. Communities have problems. Boards help solve them. Encourage the Board to brainstorm ideas together. Working together toward a common goal will help strengthen the bonds between Board members. When the Board collaborates to find solutions, they look forward to working together in the future.

Show appreciation. The Board works hard for the good of the community but receives very little in the way of thanks. Take the time to thank them for their service to the community at each meeting. At meetings, recognize Board members who have gone above and beyond. You understand how difficult community leadership can be! Let them know you appreciate their dedication.

Make communication easy. Look for an HOA communications platform with a Board Center. Having an online place where members can view Board documents and easily communicate with each other will save them time and make their lives easier.

Boosting the morale of the HOA Boards you work with will make their time on the Board an enjoyable experience and will help keep community operations running smoothly.