Creating Great Customer Service Experiences for HOAs

woman smiling, talking on cell phone
We all know it’s more cost-effective to retain a current client than to try to acquire a new one; however, customer churn is a struggle for many association management companies.

How do you turn a current customer into a lifelong client? By offering an unmatched level of service. Creating great customer service experiences is one way to differentiate your business, keep existing clients and win new referrals. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

  • Communication is crucial. Communication is essential to any customer service strategy. Homeowners are demanding transparency now more than ever. Communication is the key to this transparency. It’s frustrating for homeowners to not know what’s going on in the Association they are a part of. Communicate to your clients often so that no one is left in the dark.
  • Use Technology to improve customer service—not replace it. There are several technology tools that you can use to enhance your customer service. Online account access and mobile apps are excellent supplements to a sound customer service strategy. Offer technology as a way for residents to help themselves and always be ready to answer questions when needed.
  • Listen to Feedback. It’s not always easy to listen to criticism, but it is important to listen – and respond – to feedback from your clients. Customers want their voices to be heard. Customer comments – and even complaints – give you an opportunity to improve your services.
  • Deliver Value. Don’t let HOA Boards forget why they pay for your services. Look for ways to demonstrate the skills and knowledge you bring to the table. When contract renewal time comes around, the boards you work with will see you as an indispensable asset.
  • Get Personal. Show that you are working for each and every individual homeowner’s association. Instead of only issuing portfolio-wide announcements, also share relevant information to each community. News such as road closures or pool hours are perfect examples of association-specific information. Homeowners will appreciate the level of care and attention.

Are you looking for ways to incorporate technology into your HOA customer service strategy? Contact Nabr Network and let’s talk about the possibilities.