Empower Your Board Members with Technology

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Technology has the power to transform the way we do things.

This is especially true for an online property management system, like Enumerate Central. Board members get access to real-time data about homeowners and their properties, vendors, accounts payable (AP), accounts receivable (AR), violations, and anything else they may want to know about the properties in their communities. The best part is board members have access to all these features from anywhere with an internet-connected device.

In this article, you’ll learn the value of empowering your HOA board members with the right technology and the positive impacts of ensuring the associations’ assets are well protected and your communities are happy.

Do Your Board Members Need an Online Property Management System?

Before we uncover the various ways in which technology can support your board members, let’s determine if a property management tool is what your board members genuinely need.

Are they still following the same process from 20 years ago?
Would you like to improve communication among your board members and the community?
Do you feel like your financial reports and vendor invoices are all over the place?
Do you have to dig through filing cabinets of old documents to find what you need?

If these resonate with you, then you’re at the right place.

5 Ways Technology Can Support Your Board Members

1. Customizable Reporting

Reporting tools can help your board see the whole picture for their account. With a cloud-based financial reporting system, your board members can check in on the data in real-time. They’ll have all the information they need fast without contacting the property management team. It’s a huge time saver for both parties.

They’ll be able to view account payables to see what has been paid versus what is outstanding, enabling them to focus on the bigger picture and where they may need to make budget adjustments in the future. Enumerate Central‘s ability to consolidate and tailor reports for each individual’s needs is a game-changer and cuts down on time spent building and updating information for review.

2. Communicating with the Community

Bring board members closer to the property owners with community websites. They can easily share important information like announcements about events, policies, payment reminders, etc., without reaching out to each individual. The board will be happy to see that money and time are saved.

Board members can also keep their finger on the pulse of the thoughts and needs of property owners by following threads and conversations through a forum page on your community website. It’s easy to add one with Enumerate Central!

3. Mastering Communication

Communication with your property owners and managers is crucial and often urgent, however, not everyone uses the same forms of communication. That’s where technology comes to save the day by equipping your board members with all the communication tools in an all-in-one online property management solution.

Enumerate Central brings enhanced communications for modern community management with:

  • Email with Tracking
    When sharing important documents or notices, email is the way to go. Your board members can feel at ease knowing that their email messages are getting delivered and read by your property owners and vendors.
  • Text Messaging on Demand
    Send critical updates to individual property owners or the whole community on a mobile device. Text messages have earned the reputation of relaying “high priority” messages and are 98% more likely to be read and responded to by recipients.
  • Voice Broadcast Messages
    When it’s challenging to communicate with written words, voice broadcast messages allow your board members to convey messages quickly. Whether you’re communicating changes about a community event or an emergency, voice broadcasting ensures that your message reaches owners as soon as possible. Another advantage is that you can schedule when the voice messages are sent.

The various ways to communicate will reduce the need for paper, which improves your bottom line and allows you to streamline all communications with your communities.

4. Tracking Violations Anywhere, Anytime

Violation tracking can be time-consuming, especially when manually logging and updating violations. It’s one of the most tedious jobs, but it’s also a task that keeps your community safe and comfortable to live in.

A solution, like Enumerate Central makes it easy to electronically handle the entire property management process. Your board members can even contribute if they’d like.

Suppose a board member notices violations while out in the neighborhood; they can report them on their phones. They can also send residents a quick notification by snapping a photo of the violation on the spot. This allows the homeowner to quickly correct the mistake, while the board member saves time inputting the issue in their records. And all of it can be done from your phone, helping your board members to reduce violations within your community.

5. Easy Collaboration

A cloud-based property management system improves efficiency and collaboration for all involved. It provides board members and community managers greater freedom while ensuring all the files and documents are centralized and secure.

Gone are the days of restricting your board members to using a single server or rifling through filing cabinets. They can easily access the files they need regardless of place and time.

Bring Board Members Aboard the Train of Progress – It’s Time to Get in on Tech!

Communities thrive when everything works well together.

Empower board members by providing the right tools to help them (and your team!) succeed. Enumerate Central has everything your board members will need in an online property management system and allows them to reap all the benefits we mentioned in this article. Contact us to learn more and get started.

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