Go Green with HOA Communications Technology

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Who else opens their mail over the recycling bin? ?‍ ? ?

I always open my mail over my recycling bin—I can’t wait to throw all that paper in the trash. Flyers and advertisements go straight in the bin. We’ve all come to expect junk mail, but what drives me bananas is when a company mails me information that could have easily been sent via email. I’m not the only one who thinks this way. People want the convenience of electronic notifications. It’s portable, it’s easy to organize and won’t get thrown out with the weekly ads.

Homeowners associations frequently use printed announcements to get news and information out to the community. I suspect a lot of those flyers are direct to bin publications. No one wants piles of paper cluttering their home, so even if an announcement is read, it probably gets thrown out sooner rather than later. That’s a problem. Residents need to receive the HOA news sent by their association. Informed homeowners are happier homeowners.

This is where convenience and sustainability meet. Electronic association communications software gives owners access to all the info they need, 24/7 and reduces the amount of paper wasted on seldom read printed announcements. Going green also saves green. The money saved on printed materials can be used in other community projects.

Here are five ways to use digital communications software in your HOA.

  1. Let homeowners choose how they receive association news. Some people prefer mobile apps, while some opt for text messages or email. Use communications software to post information to the HOA website and generate notifications across multiple channels.
  2. Plan and promote events with reminders and RSVP capabilities. Gone are the days of printed invitations. Get owners involved and share information about upcoming events across all platforms – desktop, tablet and mobile. Software that can send out automated reminders of upcoming events can save community managers time. Use RSVP tools to put a cap on the number of attendees and give residents a real-time update of how many spots are left.
  3. Make important association resources (like meeting minutes, association rules, financials, etc.) accessible with an online resources library. Few residents keep a printed copy of the HOA rules and regulations, so put that information online where it can be accessed anytime. Push technology can create automated posts when new resource documents are added.
  4. Eschew printed PDFs for online fillable forms. Community associations frequently have forms that need to be completed by residents. Create and publish custom forms that residents can complete and submit online. Common types of forms include surveys, waivers, work order requests and resident contact forms. Managers don’t need to worry about misfiling a printed form when forms are emailed to them and saved online.
  5. Maximize software integrations. Integrating online communications with HOA accounting software allows owners to easily access their account information. Equip homeowners with access to HOA payments and CCR violation notices data on desktop, tablet and mobile. Use payment processing integrations to give residents the power to easily pay online—saving paper, stamps and fuel.


Electronic association communications benefit the environment, homeowners and community association managers. Looking for an online communications platform for your association? Give Nabr Network a call and let’s talk about our solutions!