Our Guide to Online HOA Communication During COVID-19

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Back-to-Basics: Our Guide to Effective Online HOA Communication During COVID-19

As a Board Member or Community Manager, you are a trusted leader in your HOA. Residents rely on you for important news about the impact of COVID-19 in your community. More than ever, effective online HOA communication is a vital part of informing and educating residents.

Is your association meeting this new demand for online information and access? Do you need a better way to share important news about changes to amenity access but you’re not sure where to start? Read on for a back-to-basics approach to online HOA communication during the COVID-19 pandemic. These five simple strategies will make it easy to meet the communication needs of your HOA while saving you time.

  1. Start by maximizing the effectiveness of your HOA website. Your association website is the first place residents will turn when looking for information about the impact of COVID-19 in your community. It is imperative that your HOA website is kept up-to-date and is easily accessible anytime, anywhere. Display current association and management contact information prominently. Make sure association news, documents, links, and other community resources are easy to locate. Nabr Network’s HOA websites are designed with mobile in mind and give residents effortless access to association news and information on their favorite mobile devices.
  1. Be proactive and answer questions. A proactive approach to HOA communication shows residents that you take the health and safety of your community seriously. Plus, proactive communications save you time by addressing resident questions before they are asked. Examples of efficient, proactive communication include sharing news about changes to amenity access and reminders of pool rules and other community FAQs. Our Scheduled Post feature makes it easy to schedule automated communications and reminders.
  1. Provide meaningful content. Be sure the information you share with your HOA is useful. Residents will come to learn that all information coming from you is valuable and worth taking the time to read. Examples of meaningful content can include updates to management contact information, changes to onsite office availability, amenity closures and reopening, and other changes to your community as the result of COVID-19. You can visit CAI online for helpful resources to share with your association.
  1. Communicate quickly and communicate often. Look for opportunities to provide proactive, meaningful content on a regular basis. The more often you push out information, the more your residents will see you as an indispensable resource. With Nabr Network, Board Members can quickly push information out to residents from their HOA website or mobile app. Nabr Network’s Community Manager Dashboard empowers managers to push news to multiple HOAs all with one login to their Nabr Network website.
  1. Increase – and measure – your reach. Reach residents where they are: across multiple channels and devices. Distributing timely COVID-19 updates via email, text, and/or mobile app notifications increases your reach for more efficient communication. With Nabr Network, your communications are easily read on your residents’ favorite web and mobile devices. We use robust delivery analytics tools to ensure the highest level of email deliverability possible to make sure your news reaches the resident. Plus, you can measure the reach of your communications with our Email Delivery Reports.

The COVID-19 pandemic presents new challenges but HOA communication does not have to be one of them. Nabr Network provides you the tools you need effectively and efficiently keep your residents informed.

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DISCLAIMER: Community associations are governed by state law, which can vary widely from state to state. Associations should follow state and federal orders when considering whether they can and should open community amenities. Community associations should seek the advice of relevant experts before taking any actions. The CDC and other qualified health officials should be the primary source of current information and guidance. To access the most up-to-date information on COVID-19 CDC guidelines, visit Visit CAI online for information and resources to help navigate the impact of COVID-19 in your community association.