10 Reasons Why Your Residents Love using their HOA Mobile App

woman smiling, looking at her cell phone
Whether you are offering a branded mobile app with a custom name and logo, or our Nabr Network mobile app, your residents will experience several benefits from using their HOA mobile app for iPhone and Android.

Here are the top 10 reasons for selecting Nabr Network’s mobile app solution to boost residents’ self-service capabilities and access to HOA communication.


Reason 1: Convenience

Mobile Apps are convenient. Your residents can access important HOA data and communication where ever they are. Text message notifications and mobile app notifications reach out to the resident and are opened in real time.


Reason 2: Access to Community Feed

Resident can access the Community Feed on the go. If the interactive feature is enabled for the Community Feed, residents can use their mobile phone for making posts and interacting in the Community Feed. Your residents can use the interfaces very easily as they compare well with well-known social media communication app platforms.


Reason 3: Make Reservations on the Go

Residents can make HOA amenity reservations on the go. The mobile interface includes access to the amenity reservation calendars. Simply by selecting the date and time, and leaving the reason for reservation, the resident can self-serve by making a reservation.


Reason 4: RSVP to an Event

Residents can RSVP to an event on the go. Residents can submit their RSVP for an HOA event on mobile, and include number of people attending. An event reminder will be created in the system and emailed upon the event getting closer.


Reason 5: Fill out HOA Online Forms

Residents can submit online forms. Resident can fill out mobile optimized HOA online forms, and access a record of the submitted form in their My Account on mobile.


Reason 6: Access Resident Directory and Control Profile

Residents can access Resident Directory on their mobile. Each resident can choose and control how much contact info, if any, is published in this directory.


Reason 7: Check Notices, Requests and Payments

Residents can check their CCR notices, work orders, ARC requests and payments status updates on mobile. All notices and requests are made visible in the My Account area on mobile.


Reason 8: Organize a Group

Resident can launch new groups by using the HOA mobile app. The groups are intended for community members who share a same interest or hobby. The group may be set to require HOA admin approval before going live.


Reason 9: Upload Photos

Resident can upload photos from their mobile phone to their association’s photo galleries. The photo galleries may be set to require approval by HOA admin prior going live.


Reason 10: Access HOA Documents

Resident can access all mobile optimized community pages and public and secure resources. The mobile app includes all community pages for the HOA. There is no need to use desktop to get any additional information. Everything that is on the desktop is included on mobile.


Please request a private demo to view Nabr Network’s mobile app features for your HOA residents. We think you will love our community association management software and its integration to the resident facing HOA mobile app. We would also like to discuss an opportunity to brand the Nabr Network as your own branded app, with a unique name and logo, and with all the great features we offer.