How Community Association Software Will Save Much Needed Time

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If you’re a community association manager, you’ve got a lot of work to do. Community association software can help save you time and streamline tasks. A 2020 property management report noted that 85% of community association managers used community association software. Not only that, 70-90% of HOA board members said they preferred that their community association manager used some kind of technology to handle processes. Here’s more about how community association software can help you streamline your tasks:

What is community association software?

Community association software serves as a repository that helps you manage member requests, subscriptions, members, and anything you need to operate efficiently. Community association software can automate tasks for you and make your work more efficient. 

Community association software takes time-consuming tasks like accounts receivable and makes them less so. It can also calculate payments and help you monitor whether members are current on their dues. 

How community association software will save much needed time

Streamlines workflow: You and your staff have many daily tasks to manage. Using community association software can help you reduce the time spent on tasks, freeing up their time to focus on more productive tasks. 

Better data management: Community association software lets you organize association data like member accounts, property listings, expenditures, expenses, etc. It enables you to manage budgets, management fees, and events as well. 

Better member communications: Your community association management software can help you better communicate with members. Because all of your member data is in one place, you’ll be able to see who is behind on payments, who has issues that need to be addressed and even send and track communications.

How to choose the best community association software 

There are a lot of community association software options available. When you’re evaluating technology, consider:

What your association needs: What features would make managing your association easier? Keep these in mind when evaluating technology. Maybe you need the ability to send member emails, or perhaps you need data management capabilities. Whatever the case, assess the gaps in your association’s processes and consider how a community association software can help fill those gaps. If you manage multiple properties, the right community association software can help you oversee the needs of each of them as well as communicate with members from a single location. 

Automation: A good community association software will automate some tasks for you. This lets you streamline your projects, giving you more time to focus on more important issues. You might want a technology that can automate some accounting functions or be able to process work or repair orders. 

 Mobility: In today’s world, the ability to access software through apps or a phone is essential. Check if your software of choice has a mobile app or can be accessed via a smartphone or tablet. 

Data security: Whatever community association software you choose, you need to ensure it keeps your HOA and member data secure. The software will likely be housing sensitive financial data and private member data, so security is paramount. 

 Whatever the needs of your HOA, community management software can help. Consider your association’s needs, the security of the platform, whether you can access it from a mobile device, and how it automates certain processes when choosing the right technology for you.

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