How The Right Technology Helps Increase Your Team's Overall Efficiency

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The average annual percentage of labor productivity dropped between 2007 and 2019, coincidentally at the same time when the modern-day versions of smartphones rolled out.

Did technology cause a massive drop in productivity?

Technology can be a blessing or a curse to businesses. Still, it’s no secret that applying the right technology is an asset to every organization that uses it to its advantage. For example, if you’re running a property management company, you want to make sure everything is in one place. Using the best software for property management available, you’ll be able to keep your business organized and increase your team’s efficiency.

One of the best things about TOPS Software is online payment options and cloud-based file management. You’ll also be able to use templates and automation, which can help you save time on repetitive tasks while centralizing your communication efforts in one place. All these benefits only add up to make Enumerate Central the best software for property management. Don’t believe us? Keep reading to find out how each of these aspects can make your team more productive.

1. Cloud Technology to Manage Files

The best software for property management runs on the cloud, as most top-performing applications do today.

This enables your staff to access files whenever, wherever, allowing them to complete their work with more flexibility. It helps to prevent bottlenecks and avoid unnecessary pauses in the day while you wait for someone else to use a file, save it, and upload it again. After all, time is money.

Also, keep in mind the physical space you’ll save. Without the need for printed files, you can free up your office of that clutter! The same goes for your computer’s desktop since you won’t have to worry about saving files and taking up digital space.

“We used to have four closets and 18 file cabinets. We’ve eliminated 100% of that… The difference between how we operated then and now is like night and day. Now, you don’t have to have a specific computer. Everyone can work on Enumerate Central on any device as long as it’s connected to the internet.” ~ Scott Headrick, Keys Property Management

2. Online Payment Options

Even before the pandemic hit, people were looking for payment options other than just writing a check.

Many will opt to pay their bills through online platforms because it’s fast, easy, and saves time. The best software for property management will provide customers and managers with a safe and secure platform that removes the stress and manual processing of payments.

Making payments online reduces the risk of losing or forgetting a check. It’s a win-win situation that saves money and time for both parties!

“Before, we were doing manual data entry on customer payments that could take an hour [to] two hours a day. Now, that’s done in three minutes.” ~ Trevor Midgley, HOA Strategies

3. Templates and Automation

The best software for property management provides templates for use within the application.

You can save time on repetitive tasks by choosing from a library of pre-made forms and documents that you can customize as needed. Templates also provide consistency across your team, which helps reduce human error. You can rest assured of the accuracy of the tiny details when managing client information.

Automating repetitive tasks is another way to save time with the right technology. Whether based on a timeline or specific actions, your team will have less to worry about remembering or doing themselves. Streamlining workflows frees up time for them to focus on other aspects of their jobs and leads to fewer mistakes.

“We have seen a 20% reduction in manual paperwork. Enumerate Central quickly helped me manage my day-to-day work efficiently, reducing the time spent on administration tasks and decreased my reliance on a physical paper trail.” ~ Wendy G., The Falls of Autry Mill

4. Centralized, Trackable Communication

Imagine having the ability to quickly pick up a conversation with a property owner from where your team member left off.

The best software for property management will feature communication tracking and options to submit requests inside of it. This can be helpful for your team because they won’t have to go through the frustrations of playing catch-up with callers – all documentation is stored in one centralized location.

“We’ve had a 50% decrease in phone calls to the office, Enumerate Central eliminated the need to use those other systems for homeowner communications.” ~ Judy Bordman, Fair Oaks Ranch

5. Self-Service Options

Property owners and vendors will appreciate the ability to access and manage their accounts more conveniently.

Instead of playing phone tag with your staff about important transactions like payments or violations – they can log on anytime via the online portal and access the most requested information! Vendors can even upload their insurance documentation, so your team doesn’t have to worry about it.

“We expect VendorAlly will dramatically reduce the processing time for payments to our vendors by 200%. Processing payments and sending payments electronically will take a few seconds.” ~ Renee Chapman, Marseilles Condominium Association

Enumerate Central Was Designed to Increase Efficiency for Property Managers

Technology is favorable to everyone who knows how to leverage it.

It improves a company’s overall efficiency and employee productivity. However, that can only happen with the RIGHT technology and proper implementation.

Make sure you get the best software for property management! Enumerate Central was made with all the best practices in mind and is designed to simplify your workflow. With Enumerate, managing communities will be much easier!

The right technology helps your team increase their overall efficiency. It pays to have the right features and options when you’re looking for software to improve how your property management company runs. Contact us today, to learn about which options are best suited for your property management company.

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