How to Keep Your Board Informed Using Enumerate Advanced Community Portals

What Are Advanced Community Portals?

Community management is a complex job and not every day is the same. That’s where advanced community portals come in. 

When running a community, you often have unexpected issues that come up during the day and it takes away time from the task you are currently working on. Usually this involves a resident needing assistance with an unforeseen issue. Fortunately, with Enumerate, there is now a new way to deal with resident requests in an easy and timely fashion. The answer is advanced community portals. Enumerate Central offers portals for both board members and residents to allow easy access to community information at any time. This saves community managers time and makes resident lives easier.

Easy Payments All in One Portal

The biggest advantage of advanced community portals is the ability to make payments.

With Payments, homeowners can pay their HOA fees and other payments all through the portal. TOPS Pay is the embedded payment service built into Enumerate Central. It’s easy for them to log-in, see their balance, and make their payment. This is quicker for the resident than filling out a check and delivering payment to the office or any other alternative. Online payments are fast and easy to track which helps the resident stay consistent on accounting. This method also saves time on collections and follow-ups from the board. Giving you time back in your day.

Keep Residents Up-To-Date on Community News

Another major time saver with advanced community portals is the ability to make announcements quickly and from one location.

With advanced community portals, community boards have an easy way to directly message residents. This can be a simple collections message or a mass message to your community members informing them of changing policies and other announcements. This can be done through Enumerate’s mass text messaging, mass email, and voice broadcasting. This is a huge advantage to communities when disaster strikes like a hurricane, wildfire, or even during COVID-19. During disasters like these, information needs to travel quickly and can be ever-changing. Reaching out to all your residents via an advanced community portal helps information travel quickly and can lead to better preparation.

Restrict Information for “Board Members’ Eyes Only”

While advanced community portals make lives easier for residents, there are also certain advantages reserved for board members.

With Enumerate Engage, all residents get their own portal where they can make payments, view messages, and more. For the board, you can view certain information, like contracts and private documents that are meant for eyes only. A permission-based board portal gives access to only the board members you choose and helps keep information confidential and organized.

See If Advanced Community Portals Are Right for Your Community

Advanced community portals have a lot of advantages that benefit both board members and residents.

The ease of payment, collections, and communication are just the tip of the iceberg. This all leads to less stress for both parties and gives board members time back to focus on the community. See how advanced portals can be the right fit for your community and how it can help you.

Let us help you to eliminate many of your regular administrative tasks and save time. Watch a demo or reach out to a Sales Representative. We would love to show you more about these features and how they can help you make your days feel more relaxed.

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