Let a Community Website Help Manage Your Community and More

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Use Your Website to Build a Community

We’ve said before that your website is the front door of your community.

Usually it is the first impression potential residents and vendors get of your community. However, it can also keep your community connected. A strong community website can simplify reporting, improve messaging, and more. TOPS community website builder is the first step to connecting your community and making life easier for your staff and residents. Here are some ways a community website helps you manage your records and more.

Make Payments and Requests Through Your Website

A great way to streamline your collections process is by setting up automatic payments through your website.

With TOPS advanced portal feature, your residents can set up automatic reoccurring monthly payments. This makes receiving payments easy for you and your staff and simplifies record keeping. With automatic payments your system informs you immediately when payments are received, so your bookkeeping remains up to date. With real time reporting your records are always accurate which saves you time inputting the information manually. This gives you time back to focus on other aspects of managing your community.

Another useful tool provided by the resident portal is the ability to submit maintenance request. Like payments, digital requests are easier to track. Your residents can submit the request as soon as they notice a problem and your employees can send help immediately to get it resolved. It’s also easier for your employees to track requests that are open or complete. This makes work orders easier on your staff and the residents.

Improve Messaging Within the Community

One of the best aspects of a complete community website is the ability to easily send messages to your residents.

These can be private emails, text messages, or voice broadcast messages informing them of due payments, changes to policy, and more. You can also send mass messages to everyone in your community. This can be a huge help in the event of an emergency or changes coming to the community. This is not only a major time saver, but also saves you money on printing and sending individual notices. See how Enumerate community websites can improve your communication.

Book Events Through Our Amenities Reservation System

One of the most convenient features is our Facility and Amenity Reservation system.

This allows homeowners to reserve the various community amenities your property offers for parties and other events. The system also includes event calendars to help keep all events organized and keep everyone in the community engaged. Providing an easy way for residents to book events increases use and improves community morale.

Get All the Advantages of Enumerate Central

With TOPS community websites, you get all the other advantages of Enumerate as well.

Enumerate is available on all devices so you can manage your website and community messages anywhere and at any time. Work from your phone, tablet, or laptop computer. Enumerate makes things easier for both your staff and residents through our resident portal and keeps your community engaged. Get started in community websites today.

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