Managing HOA Amenity Reservations Made Easy

woman in a restaurant, looking at her cell phone and laptop
Does your HOA have amenities that residents can reserve? If so, you know you need an efficient way of managing these HOA reservation calendars. Enter Nabr Network’s Amenity Reservation System. Our reservation system allows residents to reserve amenities easily from their computer or mobile device.

You start using the system by setting up your amenities using our flexible setup process. You can set up any kind of amenity listing, such as party rooms, tennis courts, or pool cabanas. The system allows for unlimited amenity setup. The setup interface will walk you through selecting the allowed frequency and time slots. You can also choose if reservations made by residents are to be automatically approved or if they require manual approval. The amenity page also gives you a place to include a payment link if there is a fee associated with reserving the amenity.

Once the amenity is set up, residents can use the amenity calendar to schedule their reservations. The reservation process is quick and simple and can be done on mobile or desktop. As a manager, you can also schedule reservations on behalf of residents. The system generates automated emails giving the resident the status of their reservation.

The calendar shows reserved times as blocked off so that other residents can see that the amenity is unavailable at that time. It’s easy for residents to glance at the calendar and request reservations on the device of their choice.

Allowing residents to request reservations on the amenity calendar provides them with a powerful self-service tool. This saves you time that was previously spent on scheduling resident reservations. This is great for busy residents—and busy managers!