Connect Homeowners with their Pets in Nabr Network

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Nabr Network provides the software technology for an immediate text, push and email notification system for lost and found pets in your HOA.

According to the ASCPA, approximately five to seven million companion animals enter animal shelters nationwide each year. Shelter intakes are about evenly divided between those animals surrendered by owners and those picked up by animal control.

Help keep your pets from becoming part of an annual statistic. Here are some things you can do to prevent lost pets:

  • Keep pets indoors, and when you do allow them outside make sure they are fenced in and gates are secure. Use a leash when walking a dog.
  • If you have a dog that is a jumper, consider building a dog run or enclosure.
  • If you want to let your cats outdoors, consider an enclosure for them.
  • Make sure your pet is wearing a tag with its name, your name, and your phone number. At a minimum, make sure your pet is wearing its rabies tags. An owner can be tracked through a veterinarian’s office.
  • Microchip your pets. Microchips are not tracking devices and do not work like global positioning devices (GPS). They are radio-frequency identification (RFID) implants that provide a permanent ID for your pet. Because they use RFID technology, microchips do not require a power source like a GPS. When a microchip scanner is passed over the pet, the microchip gets enough power from the scanner to transmit the microchip’s ID number. The average cost to have a microchip implanted by a veterinarian is around $45, which is a one–time fee and often includes registration in a pet recovery database.

Finding a lost pet can be very difficult without spreading the word via technology. Nabr Network’s software and mobile technology will aid your pets to find home faster.