Tools of the Trade: Increasing HOA Management Productivity

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How would your management company’s profitability increase if you were able to grow the number of HOAs your company serves– without hiring new community managers?

It may sound unlikely, as your staff is likely working at maximum capacity already, but it is possible with help from tech tools.

To bring tech solutions into your CAM company, identify the main tasks that bog managers down, then provide managers with tools to work more efficiently. Here are some places to start.

Invest in Automation. Are your portfolio managers having to manage multiple HOA calendars, HOA website logins, social media channels, etc.? Are they recreating the same communications across each community they manage? Look for communication technology that can automate these repetitive tasks. This will save your staff time—and maybe improve their morale by removing these tediously boring tasks from their day.

Make things easy. Your team doesn’t have time to learn and re-learn complicated software; there’s no sense in signing up to use software that is cumbersome and takes more time to use. Make sure that any software application that you license to use is easy-to-use, comes with great training, and provides ongoing support.

Self-service is the future…and the future is here. There are technical tools that will allow homeowners to help themselves…and reduce manager workload. Items such as checking account balance, accessing HOA documents, and finding answers to frequently asked HOA questions can all be done online. This gets the information to owners instantly, 24/7 and saves a phone call to management offices.

Nabr Network offers all the above and more. Request a demo and learn how adding Nabr Network to your team’s toolkit can save them time and improve your bottom line.