Waking up from the Technical Support Nightmare

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It seems that many HOA software companies have forgotten the “support” in tech support.

How familiar is this scenario? You run into some technical difficulties with the HOA software needed to do your job. Dread creeps in as you realize that you’re going to need assistance with this issue. You scour the online “help” section, hoping you’ll find the answers to your questions, but after reading half a dozen articles, you still don’t know what’s going on. You continue to search and finally find a phone number. You press button after button as you work your way through a labyrinth of pre-recorded phone options… eventually finding yourself on a seemingly infinite hold with tech support. By the time the tech support representative answers the phone you are frustrated, angry and your patience is at an end. You sense the apathy of the rep on the other end of the line and you silently (or maybe not-so-silently) curse the day you purchased this software program. Maybe your problem gets resolved. Maybe it doesn’t. Either way, your time has been wasted and your mood has been shot.

It’s time to wake up and realize that you deserve better! It’s time to make a change. When shopping for new software, ask the following questions before you buy.

  1. Is the HOA software interface user-friendly?
  2. Is software training included in the purchase price?
  3. Is there an additional charge for ongoing support?
  4. Is there a technical support phone number available?
  5. What is the average on-hold time before speaking with a technical support representative?
  6. Is there an easily accessible tech support form?
  7. What is the average response time to technical support requests?
  8. What self-help resources are available?
  9. Is technical support available to other end-users?

At Nabr Network, providing outstanding support is very important to us. We provide quick and friendly support to community association managers and residents. Residents contact us for help with registration and log-in issues, freeing your team up to do what they do best: manage communities. Nabr Network provides online training, an extensive knowledge base and ongoing support at no additional cost. Best of all, Nabr Network is easy to use.

A user-friendly software platform with free, fast and friendly support? Sounds like a dream come true!