Why You Should be Offering Online Tools to Your Communities

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We all know the importance of establishing a presence on the internet. Having a professional corporate site goes a long way in acquiring new clients; whether through exposure in the industry or having quality information for associations in your market. But are you providing your associations with their own presence? Offering online services to your associations not only benefits your clients, but also yields positive outcomes to your bottom line.  

Advertising in Action

The minimum dollar volume of contracts related to ongoing newspaper advertisements can have you spending on average $3,000 annually, while billboards in a mid-size market can cost you that much per monthYou would be using a fraction of these budgeted marketing costs to provide branded web services for your communities. Essentially creating online billboards that provide real value to your associations while directing engaged prospects to your public-facing website. 

Organization and Time Management 

Managers spend much of their time answering the phone, returning emails, and working on site collecting reports; managing communities in a more dynamic way cuts down these costs. By choosing the proper tools you can provide easily available documents, communicate with residentsmanage mediaand moreYou can also provide residents with access to their accounts so they can help themselves and stay up to date with pertinent information regarding their association.  

 Growing Your Portfolio 

With your associations being managed more efficiently, you will then be able to expand your operations. The time exhausted in communicating with boards, managing amenities, and general administration tasks for 15 associations can now be used to manage 40. These new web services add greater value to your business as a whole; leading to new streams of revenue. 

Every edge matters when there are over 8,000 association management companies in the United States. Being well positioned with your web services not only shows a commitment to the future of your clients, but also leads to the growth of your association management company within the industry. Please contact us to learn more about what ComWeb Internet Solutions can do to extend your reach and satisfy your residents.