Closing the Books: Year-End Financial Success for Community Associations

December 18th at 2pm EST

The end of the financial year can be stressful for community management leaders. However, with the right knowledge and practices, it doesn’t have to be. Join us to learn best practices for closing the books on 2023 and preparing for the new fiscal year with Enumerate VP of Financial Services, Vishnu Sharma, CPA, CFE, and Enumerate expert, Nicole Beal.

Topics Covered:
  • Wrapping Up Open Financial Items
  • Preparing 1099s and Vendor Management
  • Payroll, W2s, and Unemployment Benefits
  • Adjustments and Audit Preparation
  • Financial Reporting and Documentation
  • Setting Up a New Fiscal Year and Closing 2023 Budget

Don’t miss this opportunity to get organized and start the new year off right.

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