Harnessing the Power of Resident Self-Service HOA Technology

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Self-service technology empowers homeowners with information and tools to help themselves.

Done correctly, self-service tools can be a simple and quick alternative to bombarding the community manager with emails and phone calls. For years, other industries have embraced this technology to achieve a high level of customer care while minimizing the need for new hires (think bank ATMs). It’s time to harness the power of self-service technology in the community association management industry.

Self-service tools must be available on-the-go. Mobile is where we live these days. Homeowners want the convenience of RSVPing to an event, making an amenity reservation or dues payment from their phone. To keep users coming back, the mobile experience must be easy, accessible and intuitive. Your website should be mobile responsive to ensure full functionality. We use mobile daily, so offering a mobile solution is an excellent way to introduce homeowners to self-service technology in a format that they are familiar with.

Integration of account data is a key component of self-service. Integration puts HOA account information at the homeowners’ fingertips. With an integrated platform, CCR notices and reminders are easily available, enabling residents to keep their properties in HOA’s compliance. Integration with the HOA accounting and payment processing software makes it easy for owners to stay current with their dues.

Communication automation is a major part of effective HOA self-service. Homeowners need reminders of HOA rules and policies and notifications about meetings and events. Self-service technology can push these reminders out electronically. Proactively educating and engaging homeowners will reduce the time managers spend returning calls and emails.

Mobile technology, account integrations and communication features provide an abundance of self-service opportunities for homeowners. Your bottom line will benefit when you use self-service opportunities to maximize management company resources.