How HOA Boards will Benefit from Nabr Network’s Board Center

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Nabr Network’s Board Center is an optional feature that gives your HOA Board Members access to Board documents and more. For Board Members to have access to the Board Center, they will need to have a Board Member account. This account grants them access to the Board Center.

  • Within the Board Center, Board Members can access Board-only documents. These can either be uploaded directly into Nabr Network or can be pulled from your accounting software (if supported by the API).
  • The Board Center has an optional communication feed. If enabled, Board Members can post and share information with each other in a secure environment. This provides a thread of communication that is easy to reference.
  • If enabled in our integration with your accounting software, we can display resident violation notices in the Board Center. This empowers the Board to easily monitor these notices.
  • If allowed, Board Members can also view Work Orders and ARC Requests in the Board Center. This provides a central place for Board Members to track these requests.
  • If allowed in your accounting software, Board Members can also view and approve invoices in the Board Center. This cuts down on emails sent back and forth.

The Board Center is a powerful part of the Nabr Network platform. If you are interested in learning more about this feature, schedule a demo today!