Making the Most of Message Scheduling

Woman's hands typing on a laptop
Save time and increase communication efficiency with message scheduling.

One feature of Nabr Network that Community Managers truly love is our Scheduled Post tool. Scheduling a post means that you can set up a message to go out once on a future date or on a recurring basis. Recurring posts can go out every two weeks, every four weeks, every month on the same day, or you have the option to post on a certain day each month. For example, the first Monday of every month or the last Friday of every month.

Recurring posts are especially useful for sharing answers to common HOA questions, automating friendly reminders of HOA rules, or auto-posting seasonal tips. Imagine what being able to automate reminders of HOA rules would do. Your residents would be better educated which may result in saving you time on violations.

One-off scheduled posts are great for when you are at your desk and want to get ahead on some of your communications. You can easily schedule posts to go out on evenings or weekends while maintaining your normal office hours. For example, if you need to remind residents to park in their driveways due to street sweeping, you can schedule that any time, without having to be on your computer or mobile device when the post goes out.

All your Scheduled Posts are saved in the Scheduled Post section. Over time, you will develop your own library of content at your fingertips. You can easily change the dates to start using one of your past posts again.

The primary benefit of Scheduled Posts is automation. Once you schedule a recurring post, it never needs to be touched again. Our HOA software for communication management will push out all future posts for you. This is a huge time-saver! Scheduled Posts also increase your visibility in the community. Boards and residents will see from your frequent and proactive communication that you are a valuable asset to their community.

Are you thinking of all the ways that Scheduled Post automation can make a difference in your operations? Register for a Nabr Network webinar to learn more about this and our other communication management features.