Managing Social Media in Your Communities

Man standing by a window, looking at his cell phone
Social media is a way of life. People are accustomed to interacting with friends, family, organizations, and businesses on social networks. It only makes sense that residents would want to interact with their community on a social platform as well. However, social networks present a unique set of challenges.

Here are a few best practices that we’ve put together after consulting with industry leaders and attorneys.

  • Select an official platform for the association. When residents know there is one official place for community communication, it cuts down on confusion. Unofficial platforms can easily be polluted with misinformation and negative noise. Selecting an official platform provides residents with a trusted place to go for association news and information.
  • Prevent anonymous posting. Select HOA communication tools and systems where only authorized users can post to the communication network.
  • Control and moderate content. If you are going to allow residents to post and communicate on this platform, you must have a way to control content. This can come in the form of character count limitations which prevent long rants by unhappy residents. Look for a platform that has a block-listed word screening tool that will alert you if anyone is posting profane content. Make residents aware that their posts will be monitored and be prepared to delete inappropriate content. Be sure your platform has a mechanism to block repeat offenders from posting to the network.
  • Document all rules in a social media policy. Once you’ve developed a set of guidelines for using your social network, document them in a formal social media policy. Be sure your governing documents allow for the adoption of such a policy. It will be easier to enforce rules when you have clear documentation of acceptable use of the network.

Nabr Network is a safe alternative to open social networks for communities across the country. If you are interested in developing a social presence for the communities you manage, we encourage you to sign up for a free webinar so that you can see all that Nabr Network has to offer.