Mobile Apps and Mobile Websites: What’s the Difference?

two people sitting, looking at their cell phones
Communications have gone mobile, but what exactly does that mean?

Members of the CAM industry – like yourself – are stepping up their communication game. You know you need to offer a mobile solution, but maybe you aren’t sure which mobile technology is right for the HOAs you manage. Both mobile apps and mobile websites give residents the convenience of accessing HOA information on-the-go. Here are a few key differences between mobile app or mobile website:

  1. Mobile apps allow for push notifications and mobile websites do not. Residents using a HOA mobile app will benefit from these automated notifications and reminders.
  1. A mobile application (app) is a program specifically developed to be installed on the user’s mobile device.
  1. Mobile apps must be approved for release by Apple and Google’s respective review teams. Mobile websites do not require use of an app marketplace and they do not need to be reviewed and may be deployed more quickly.
  1. Mobile apps need to be installed on the user’s mobile device. Mobile websites can be accessed using a device’s mobile browser (e.g., Safari or Chrome) with no installation needed.
  1. Mobile apps offer convenient access to information with just a press of the app button. Homeowners must enter the URL of the website to access mobile web content.
  1. Residents have to register for access to a mobile app. Mobile websites can be accessed by anyone with the site’s URL.

The primary advantage of mobile apps lies in the control and technology they offer. Mobile apps can run in the background when not in use. This allows for push notifications to be sent to the user’s smart phone- even when the app is closed.

The main benefit of a mobile website is that it makes an existing desktop website accessible to users on their mobile devices. A mobile website can retain the look and feel of the desktop website, but should offer improved readability and usability on mobile screens. Mobile websites give homeowners easy access to their association’s website anytime, anywhere.

Overall, both mobile apps and mobile websites can serve significant roles in your communications efforts. Instead of limiting your communications on one mobile platform, look for HOA mobile solutions that can do both! Nabr Network may be just the HOA mobile communications solution you need. Sign up for a webinar to learn more!