Mobile Solutions For Private Neighborhood Communication

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Mobile site and mobile app solutions are at the core of Nabr Network’s service offerings. Nabr Network understands that local communities need solutions that cater to the growing number of smartphone using residents, many of whom are often completely smartphone reliant for accessing the Internet.

Nabr’s mobile web and app solutions let community residents easily and quickly manage their profile information, read and make posts to their neighborhood Community Feed, access Events Calendar, receive messages from their HOA Administrator, and opt-in to receive mobile notifications.

Community Feed
The Nabr Network development team has put an extensive focus on developing a mobile friendly Community Feed that let’s community members read and create posts on the go. What exactly is the Community Feed? The Community Feed is a neighborhood exclusive private communication network. If an interactive mode is chosen for the feed,  residents can interact with one another and make posts to various channels such as Recommendations, Neighborhood Watch, Lost & Found, Classifieds, and Social. Mobile users can scan the Community Feed efficiently and create Community Feed posts with just a few clicks. All interfaces in the Community Feed are user-intuitive and specifically designed and developed for the mobile framework.

Push Notifications
Nabr’s mobile app users on both iOS and Android don’t have to log in daily to receive the latest community topics. Users can opt-in to receive push notifications from the Community Feed. The frequency of these notifications can be set individually for each community channel.  This is a great feature for the Community Administrator who needs to maximize their reach-out to the residents.

App Download
The neighborhood Community Feed and other Nabr Network features for mobile are supported as the mobile site and as mobile apps. We offer mobile apps for both iOS and Android. All residents are emailed a link for the app download pages upon an HOA or a Community Management company signing up to Nabr Network. The mobile website loads automatically upon accessing the network with a smartphone.

Our  support team is ready to provide customer service for mobile users via our Support Ticket system and by phone.