Neighborhood Watch and High Technology

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Everyone can agree: maintaining the safety of our family and neighborhood is critical.

If you want your homeowner association’s neighborhood watch program to evolve to meet today’s standards, consider some high technology approaches and tools to increase “perimeter security.”

Nabr Network’s Community Feed for association communication has a built-in HOA Watch Alerts channel that was designed enhance neighborhood safety by providing a place to post news such as severe weather warnings or information about your neighborhood watch group.

Nabr Network provides neighborhood watch reporting and alerts that can be issued and received instantly via mobile devices (text/email/notification on Nabr Network app).

In the event of a crime in progress or other dangerous situations in your neighborhood, your first call should always be to the police. When members take their mobile phones with them when walking the neighborhood, they can instantly communicate anything suspicious they see. Pictures can also be taken and uploaded.

Neighborhood watch group can also have a private page on Nabr Network with their own communication feed for discussion and planning.