Property Managers: Why Charging Site Fees to Each of Your Properties May Actually Cost You More

It is a common business practice to pass on charges to your customers, BUT when the added value of the product outweighs the cost of passing it on, you may want to reconsider.

At ComWeb, we know that efficiency in business is your goal. Efficiency saves time, effort, and most importantly, money. With that being said, your property websites may be an untapped efficiency you aren’t using to their full potential! These websites aren’t just costs, they are investments. But how do you tap into that resource?

ComWeb suggests starting with subsidizing the costs of the individual websites. By including community websites as an added value, you guarantee all properties are operating efficiently and giving residents a consistent experience. By offering a personalized feel for residents as well as giving them the ability to take charge of their own information, you will see increased efficiencies in your business such as:

  • Lowered call volume
  • Less data entry error
  • The ability for customers to pay their bills online directly as opposed to written checks
  • Online service requests
  • Electronic communication abilities for announcements, etc.

By subsidizing the costs of the individual websites, you will see a return on investment per community well over the upfront monthly expenses. Not only will the sites save you time, effort and money, but you will be building a better community experience. In turn you will be creating more vibrant and communicative properties with higher customer retention and lowered complaints. Today’s customer expects ease of business, let ComWeb help you get there.

Don’t make the common industry mistake of being penny-wise and dollar foolish. Give your properties the websites they need while reaping the return on investment.

ComWeb offers powerful website solutions for HOAs, clubs and communities. Our easy-to-use, full-featured Content Management System is designed for communities and built for professional managers. Our solution works with your existing software to provide the most affordable, full-featured user-friendly websites available. Let ComWeb get you started today. Visit our website for more information or call (866) 491-5397.