Safety Tips for a Scary Fun Halloween

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Halloween is almost here! Whether you celebrate the occasion or not, you will likely find your neighborhood streets filled with candy-seeking princesses and superheroes this Halloween night. A few simple precautions on your part can go a long way in keeping these little visitors safe.

Lighten up. If you are home and planning on answering the door for trick-or-treaters, be sure your front porch and all walkways are well-lit. Children might be wearing oversized costumes that affect their footing, so make it easy for them to see where they are going. Flip motion-sensing lights to on-mode so that kids don’t have to walk into a dark yard to trigger the illumination.

Check for any tricks on your property. You know that small hole in your front yard that you always stumble over? Kids are going to stumble over it too. Give your yard, sidewalks and curbs a good inspection before Halloween night. Fill in any holes in your lawn and use reflective tape to draw attention to drop-offs or steps. Check the tethers on yard inflatables to make sure they don’t interfere with foot traffic. Even if you don’t plan on opening the door on Halloween night, children may cut through your yard, so be sure they have a clear path to the next home. If you know of any potential hazards in common areas, connect with your neighbors to find a solution.

Consider going flameless. Jack-O’-Lanterns and a crowded front porch can create a fire hazard. Consider using flameless candles to prevent accidents (bonus: you won’t have to worry about candles blowing out). Keep traditional candle-lit decorations on steady surfaces away from doors, walkways and curtains. Candles should always be kept out of the reach of pets and children.

Provide safe treats. Most parents won’t allow children to eat homemade treats. Provide store-bought, prepackaged goodies for trick-or-treaters to enjoy. Some of your little visitors may have food allergies or developmental differences. You may not be able to accommodate each need, but patience, understanding and a kind smile can go a long way in the eyes of a child.

Use an abundance of caution. Drive slowly… and then slow down a little bit more. Excited children aren’t known for their restraint and obedience; even the best-behaved child might dart across the street without looking for traffic when there is candy to be collected. This is definitely a time to devote your full attention to the road around you. Turn on your headlights earlier than usual, keep the radio volume down and stay off the phone.

Halloween is more fun for everyone when safety comes first. How are you keeping the little ones in your community safe this Halloween? Share your ideas and safety tips in the comments below so that other communities can benefit as well!

Nabr Network wishes you a happy Halloween!

Nabr Network wishes you a happy Halloween!