Time to Retire TOPS PRO/IQ and Boost Efficiency and Profitability with Enumerate Central

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You’ve been using TOPS PRO and TOPS IQ for a while now and have noticed the advantages of having property management software to grow your organization.

Your HOA members are more productive. Your budgets and vendor payouts are up to date. Your community has been thriving more than ever.

In general, things are going well. You’re saving time and money and starting to focus on strategies that can help you reach your next big goal.

We understand that when you adopted TOPS PRO and TOPS IQ years ago, you intended to help your business meet the demands of your board members and property owners while keeping up to speed with modern technology.

But as you continue to build on your successes and get accustomed to the sudden shift in technology brought on by the pandemic, you find yourself in need of more file space, security, and integrations. These are all things that the best cloud-based property management software, Enumerate Central, has to offer.

How do you know it’s time to update your property management solution? Here are five indicators that you’re ready to take your business to the next level to maintain your organization’s competitive advantage.

1. Your HOA Board Is Ready to Take on More Projects

In our article about the advantages of using cloud-based HOA software vs. Desktop Software, we discussed that the most significant difference they have is freedom.

As your board members handle more projects, their time in the office can decrease. And because some features of TOPS PRO and IQ are accessible on desktop or laptop computers only, that could pose a challenge in pushing them to get more things completed.

Enumerate Central‘s cloud-based solution allows your property managers to take their job anywhere at any time. Access to all the information they need on an internet-connected device can help them oversee several projects while out in a neighborhood or working remotely from home.

2. You Need More File Storage Space

The average flash drive has a storage capacity of 32 GB but can go up to 1,000 GB.

While that sounds like it could be enough space, a gadget with such capacity is expensive, and if you lose it, you will undoubtedly be disappointed. Another issue with physical storage is that the files can get lost or corrupted.

Take advantage of unlimited storage space with Enumerate Central. We save our customers the often-expensive charges of buying and maintaining lots of hard drive storage space with our cloud-based property software.

In addition, storing in the cloud is an excellent way to share data in real-time. This solution is ideal for property managers and owners as you can grant different access levels to various people.

You also won’t need to delete digital copies of your private files and other documents to free up storage space.

3. You Want to Connect Your Files for Seamless Collaboration

Alternating between tools and searching through folders to locate a file you need is counterproductive.

And even if you do find the file, how do you know you’re looking at the most recent version — and there’s not a more recent copy on someone else’s hard drive?

You need a centralized workspace that acts as your organization’s only source. With Enumerate Central, your team can collaborate effortlessly, and you can share file access to board members instantly.

Watch this video to learn how Enumerate Central can help your property managers accomplish more tasks.

4. You’re Ready to Automate Your System

If you love TOPS Pro’s automation prowess, you can look forward to hyper-automation features in Enumerate Central, like Advanced Portals and VendorAlly.

“We immediately started to using VendorAlly, which dramatically reduced the processing time for payments to our vendors – by 200%. Processing payments and sending payments electronically only takes few seconds, versus the day or even weeks it previously took for vendors to receive payments.” ~ Renee Chapman, Marseilles Condominium Association

These new automation features allow your business to go contact-less, which looks to be a mainstay preference to many people and businesses today.

Hyper automating your property management system also helps with enhancing the simplification of your current process related to reporting, documentation, and other responsibilities. If there is a way to make life easier for your property managers without compromising quality, we cannot think of another solution other than upgrading to Enumerate Central.

5. You Want the Latest Software Updates for Your Property Management System

Our dedication to ensuring property managers have everything they need to succeed shows in our efforts to continuously develop new features and updates in our property management software.

With Enumerate Central, you’ll always have the latest version.

What are the benefits? Software updates aim to enhance the system performance by improving organization, security, speed, storage, and more. Your community can also enjoy these perks in the Owner Portal and Community Website, enabling you to make the best impression with your residents.

Level Up with the Best Cloud-based Property Management Software

Contact our customer success team if you’re ready to unlock the features that will help take your business to the next level.

They will work with you one-on-one to ensure a seamless transition to Enumerate Central.

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