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Classic Management Improves Customer Service, Reduces Operational Expenses by over 75% with Enumerate Central

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“When we first started Classic Management, we only had a couple of hundred doors. Our growth to over 3,000 doors is based on the experience knowing Enumerate Central would scale with us, while keeping costs in check.”

Terri Henderson, Classic Management

Enumerate Central Transforms Business Operations

Classic Management’s initial use of Enumerate Central focused on streamlining business processes. Rather than manage through the gluttony of disparate systems, Classic Management now sends monthly invoices to all residents with the push of a button. Residents can pay monthly bills right through Enumerate Central Owner Access, and since everything runs on the Cloud, records are updated instantly. Everyone has access to the latest available information. Annual notices and quarterly financial reports are always accurate and available when needed.

Consistency Is Key

In addition to assuring accurate account information, Enumerate Central improves communication between homeowners, board members, and the property management company by utilizing a common set of tools, interfaces, and terms. With Enumerate Central, residents have become more responsive, account-related questions are answered faster, and everyone using the system receives a consistent service level. The result: the number of customer service-related phone calls and emails has dramatically decreased.

Delivering Innovation

With Enumerate Central firing on all cylinders, unprecedented levels of predictivity on future revenue and expenses. Armed with this information, Classic Management can deliver innovative solutions to residents and homeowner associations. When needed, Classic Management will help fund community-specific capital improvement projects and uses Enumerate Central to invoice residents until payment for the project is completed.

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Classic Management Improves Customer Service, Reduces Operational Expenses by over 75% with Enumerate Central


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