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Fair Oaks Ranch Cuts Phone Calls by 50%, Saves Hours on Manual Tasks with Enumerate Central

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“The portfolio view makes it easy to get information, whether it pertains to one unit or a mass change to multiple units,” Judy said. “I can create letters for that unit type, send out an email, and let everyone know of the proposed changes.”

Judy Bordman, Fair Oaks Ranch

Seamless Reconciliations

Enumerate Central includes Enumerate Payments, an accounts receivable and payable feature that has proven to be a big time saver for Judy.

The older Enumerate version required too many steps to verify when a payment was posted. Judy used to spend half a day on bank reconciliations every month. Now, with Enumerate Central, the process is seamless, and bank reconciliations take Judy less than an hour.

“The great thing about Enumerate Payments is it’s clear when the payments are posted in the system,” Judy said. “Plus, I get a report each day on which payments are made and posted. I’m able to reconcile my bank statements so much faster, because what’s in Enumerate Payments exactly matches what hits my bank.”

Easy Online Payments

Judy also appreciates the convenience that Enumerate Payments offers homeowners. Enumerate Payments plus the built-in owner portal enables residents to pay their dues online through recurring credit card payments or ACH direct debits. Since the launch of Enumerate Central, about 25% of Fair Oaks Ranch residents now use the owner portal to pay their dues.

This is significant for Fair Oaks Ranch, which for a long time had mostly retired residents who still preferred to pay by check. Now younger, more tech-savvy families have moved into the community, and they are taking advantage of online payments.

Improved Communications with Residents

The owner portal doesn’t just facilitate payments. It also eases two-way communications among the board, the staff, and homeowners. Residents use the owner portal to make service requests as well as access the document library to view the property’s bylaws, member directory, and the board’s monthly agenda and financials.

Before Enumerate Central, Judy used the FORHA website to post documents, although a public-facing website wasn’t a good solution for a private community. She also used a third-party HOA system. However, the streamlined processes and time saved Judy experienced with Enumerate Central eliminated the need to use those other systems for homeowner communications.

“The document library on the owner portal has really helped us a lot. The owner portal, Enumerate Payments, and the document library have cut down the number of phone calls to our office by 50%.”

Reports Generated in a Flash

Judy loves the automated reporting capabilities of Enumerate Central. With TOPS IQ, Enumerate’s legacy software offering, she couldn’t print reports. Instead, she had to pull out the information she needed and then cut and paste everything into a PDF.

The manual task of creating reports was a lot of work and increased the possibility of errors. But with Enumerate Central, Judy can generate a report in a flash and feel confident that it’s accurate.

“Being able to generate a statement on demand and just email it to the homeowner is a really nice Enumerate Central function,” she said.

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Fair Oaks Ranch Cuts Phone Calls by 50%, Saves Hours on Manual Tasks with Enumerate Central


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