Creating Content that People Actually Want to Read

man with glasses, smiling and looking at his cell phone

If you’re using Nabr Network, you have a powerful distribution tool in your hands. Now the only question is what type of content to share. Below are some tips for creating content that your residents will want to read.

  1. Use a strong subject line. Sometimes the subject line is the only part of your post that residents will read. Based on the subject line, residents will decide if they want to read the entire post or not. Make sure the headline is compelling and provides a clear indication of what is in the content that follows.
  2. Make it engaging or actionable. If you are providing tips to residents, give them guidance as to how to best use this information. For example, if you are reminding residents that an ARC application is required for exterior changes, also include a link to the ARC application form.
  3. It must be timely. You will do residents a great service by letting them know about association events in a timely manner. Consider seasonal posts as well—information such as pool rules is great to post in the summer months.
  4. Keep it concise. Before you post your content, review it with a critical eye. Eliminate any unnecessary fluff from your post. Residents want to get the information they need quickly, without having to read lots of extraneous content.
  5. Enhance your content with images. Use eye-catching visuals to draw attention to your content. Be sure the images add value to the post. Don’t just add random stock photography. For example, if you are posting information about a broken gate, include an image of the gate so that residents can see at a glance what you are trying to communicate.

Creating great content is easy with just a little thought and attention to detail. If you are interested in learning more about how Nabr Network can boost your content deliverability, sign up for a webinar!