How to Form and Manage an Architectural Review Committee

How to Form and Manage an Architectural Review Committee

As a member of a community association, you may be aware that your Homeowners Association (HOA) has an Architectural Review Committee (ARC). The ARC is an essential part of maintaining the overall aesthetic and architectural integrity of the community. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the roles and responsibilities involved in forming and managing an ARC for an HOA. 

What is an Architectural Review Committee? 

An Architectural Review Committee is a group of community volunteers responsible for reviewing and approving plans for any exterior changes or additions to the homes in the community. The ARC’s primary purpose is to ensure that any changes or additions are consistent with the community’s overall design and aesthetics. They are also responsible for ensuring that any changes comply with the community’s governing documents and applicable building codes. 

Forming an Architectural Review Committee 

The formation of an ARC typically begins with a request from the HOA board or community members. The HOA board will then appoint a group of volunteers to serve on the ARC. Ideally, the committee should include members with various backgrounds and experiences, such as architects, contractors, designers, or homeowners with a keen eye for design. 

Managing an Architectural Review Committee 

Once formed, the ARC is responsible for reviewing and approving any exterior changes to homes in the community. This includes, but is not limited to, changes such as new paint colors, additions, landscaping, and fencing. 

The ARC should establish clear guidelines and procedures for the review process. This includes outlining the types of changes that require approval, how to submit a request, and the timeline for review and approval. The committee should also ensure that their guidelines are consistent with the community’s governing documents and building codes. 

It’s also essential that the ARC communicates its guidelines and procedures to the community. This can be done through the HOA website, newsletters, or community meetings. By providing clear communication, homeowners will have a better understanding of what is required to get their projects approved and will feel more confident in their investment. 


The Architectural Review Committee is a critical component of any HOA. By maintaining the overall design and aesthetic of the community, the ARC ensures that property values are protected and homeowners’ investments are secure. If you’re interested in volunteering for your community’s ARC, contact your HOA board to find out how you can get involved.  

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