Engage Your Residents with Nabr Network's Groups

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Nabr Network’s Groups feature is designed to connect your HOA’s residents with each other. Our Groups give residents a place to connect over shared interests. Connecting with fellow residents and being active in one’s homeowners’ association is fun, convenient, and safe with Nabr Network.

Any resident can request to start a Group. Groups must be approved by an admin before they go live. Once the Group is live, any resident can join the group. Perfect examples of groups are running clubs, book clubs, over 55 groups, and mom’s groups. Within the Group page, residents have a communication feed where they can post and share information with each other. There is also an area for the Group organizer to add documents, photos, and calendar events for the group. Groups are interactive, even in one-directional communication sites. This allows residents to have the desired level of interaction in a monitored environment.

Imagine how easy it will be for groups of like-minded residents to connect with each other. A resident can start a book club—and after admin approval—it will go live to the community. Other residents interested in reading can join with the click of a button. Once they are a member of the Group, they can post and share information with other residents. They could decide what their next book will be without ever needing to meet in person. Then, the Group organizer can add recurring calendar events for each of their monthly meetings. The organizer can also upload the book list for the year to the documents area. Any photos taken at the meeting can be added to the Group’s photo gallery. Every aspect of managing a social club can be done in our Groups feature.

Groups bring residents together and encourage neighbors to interact with each other in a fun and secure environment. Connected communities are strong communities and Groups are a great way to facilitate interaction in your community.