The Power of Dynamic Forms

man sitting, looking at a laptop

Nabr Network’s online – or dynamic – forms feature may seem basic enough, but below the simple interface lies a wealth of power. Below are four ways you can use dynamic forms to make a difference in your business.

  1. Save resources by going paperless. Our Dynamic Forms allow residents to submit an entire form, plus supporting documents and images, all without printing a single sheet of paper. This not only helps the environment, it also helps save your business money on paper and printer ink.
  2. Reduce workload by eliminating paper files. Going paperless also reduces the workload on your managers. No more filing or organizing paper forms. Everything is digital. Completed forms are emailed to managers and are also stored in Nabr Network for easy retrieval. This makes your manager’s job easier and allows them to work more efficiently.
  3. Make things easy on your residents by accepting online forms. Residents want the ease of online forms. No one wants to print out a document, fill it in by hand, and have to scan and email it back. Our Dynamic Forms provide your residents will a helpful service. This is a value-add for your management business.
  4. Use forms to create polls and surveys to gather valuable information. Our Dynamic Forms are more than just forms. They can also be used to create community polls and surveys. The responses are collected and formatted in easy-to-read graphics. This gives you insight into what your communities want and how to best serve them.

Put the power of our Dynamic Forms to work in your business. Sign up for a webinar today to learn more about this and other Nabr Network features!